60 Second Binary Options Indicator by ITM Creates Buzz: Drives Highest Ever Traffic to Website

The company, ITM saw a record number of site visitors after the release of this new and first-of-its-kinds indicator. By bringing this tool to the market, the company has managed to set itself apart from the competitors, which is no less than a breakthrough technology especially for traders who deal in Meta Trading4 (MT4) platforms.

The release even being publicized only among the members and newsletter subscribers was enough to bring 12,443 requests in just the first hour of release. The servers and neural network at ITM Financial made sure that no request for download was turned down and the call for was fulfilled without any delay.

The company’s CEO was more than happy while saying that even though the new tool was promoted to a small group of Google Traffic and Facebook followers, but the traffic that the website experienced was its record highest till day. The company has a hit rate of 72% for the binaries and are being liked by many of the traders to really clean up. These are signal options where the payoff is fixed, whether in the form of a holding or some commodity.

The two most popular binary options among investors at IMT are the asset-or-nothing and cash-or-nothing. While the former deals with paying money in return for a traded security, the latter intends at paying fixed cash value.

ITM FinancialThe two trades at which the neural network of IMT performs best are the binary options and the forex signals. The company has the power to predict the future most accurately as the analysis is based on not just few, but millions of informational pieces. In addition, in-depth research is done on trading while undertaking activities on twitter, internet chatting, Google searches, Facebook posts and blog commenting. The frequency and response of each mention is then compared. This is what leads to a kick start for trading of forex signals and digital options, while elevating chances of success.

ITM Financial is a new name in the leaders of forex signal providers and digital options start up. Located in Boston, the company makes use of a vast network and trusted resources to interpret the movements in stock prices, forex trading and spreads in binary options and more.

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