Asian Markets Rally as Japan Gets New PM

What did the Equities look like?

The Nikkei rallied by 1.5 percent, reaching the highest level in the past nine months. The boost in the Asian equities came in as the Japan got its new prime minister, Shinzo Abe. Most of the gains came in from the exporters like Sony, which shared around 4 percent hike. The Shanghai Composite also rose by 0.2 percent to reach a level of 2219, which happens to be it third gain in a row.

As far as equities for the United States is considered, its stocks traded on the lower side, mainly after the sales during the holiday season were reported to be quite weak this season. The Dow slumped to a mark of 13115, which is 24 points lower than its last level. On the other hand, the Nasdaq also dropped by 0.7 percent to finish at a level of 2990.

Looking at the big names, the stocks for Marvell Technology also dropped to 7.40, which is a dip of 10.3 percent. The stocks for this company sank after the company was directed to pay 1.2 billion dollars to Carnegie Mellon University in lieu of patent infringement.Japan's Nen PM

Even the retail brands like Amazon and Apple sank, as Coach, Amazon and Apple dropped by 5.9 percent, 3.9 percent and 1.4 percent. The only stock that brought a bit relief for the binary options traders was Research in Motion that recorded a hike of 11.5 percent.

What did the Treasuries and Commodities look like?

The Bond prices witnessed a good rise, as it pushed yields on 10-year notes down 2 basis points to record a drop of 1.75 percent. As far as the yields on 30-year notes are concerned, it rallied by two percent, to record a raise of 2.92 percent while the last hike was of 2.90 percent.

The energy segment also witnessed a significant boost, as the crude oil rallied by 2.8 percent to reach the mark of 91.05. The future for gasoline also rose to 2.8158, which is around 2.4 percent higher than earlier.

Looking at the other commodities, Wheat dropped by 2.4 percent to finish trading at 774.50. On the other hand corn and soybeans shed by 1.6 percent to 693.25, and 1.2 percent to 1418.50, respectively.

A look at the economy

The Yen continued to drop this week as well as it reached 85.63 against the dollar, which is 0.9 percent lower than before. Yen also slid by 1.2 percent against the Euro and finished trading at 113.24. On the other hand, the Canadian dollar reached 0.9941, easing by 0.2 percent. Whereas, the Euro rallied to 1.3226 to record a rise of 0.3 percent.

The Yen’s slide accelerated, dropping .9% to 85.63 against the dollar, and 1.2% against the Euro to 113.24. The Canadian Dollar eased .2% to .9941, and the Euro rose .3% to 1.3226. The home price index for Case Shiller rallied by 4.3 percent, which is against the estimated gain of 3.9 percent.

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