Authorities in Japan and Europe Approve Request for Patent for TradoLogic

Understanding the importance of intellectual property as a major part of surviving this competition and succeeding in the business, TradoLogic, a prominent name as a binary options platform made an announcement that the Japanese and European authorities have approved the requests for patents forwarded by them. The patent includes various trading tools and features such as insurance orders, as well as roll-overs. This decision followed a similar request for a patent, which was forwarded by a company in the U.S.

The purpose behind the patent was to protect its range of sophisticated tools and features related to binary options trading from the other companies, which are occupied in the same field. The move for the patent was forwarded by this binary options trading platform well in advance of the launch, which proved to be a major part in the strategies of the company to secure its trading features and tools from the competition in options trading field.Stock Markets

Extend or the traders to postpone or extend the time of expiry for a specific option. Pending Order or Knock In permits traders to execute an order only in adherence to a user’s pre-determined condition related to the price. With Double, the traders can add to the investment on an option, that is currently open,  which looks likely to earn a profit and thus they can receive a payout that is actually double, upon expiry of the option, if the calculation was accurate. Auto-Trade facilitates the traders to stipulate an end profit quantity, and then initiate the trading system to maintain the execution of the same trade consecutively, depending on either the achievement of the required profit position, or draining of the risk capital. Close also referred to as Take Profit or Stop Loss, equipped investors to terminate an option ahead of the expiry time, thus limiting their potential financial losses.

Tradologic and binary options

Parlay trade or Triple enables the investors to trade and implement three or more deals at the same time so that they can earn profits based on the asset correlation based on the triangulated positions, and increase their odds of profits. Insurance equipped traders to purchase a category of insurance policy, which promises a refund of the initial investment, with the options expiring out of the money.

TradoLogic filed an application for the patent in 2008, five years ago, and formally, in May 2010, three years ago however the patent was issued in an official manner only in recent times. During the previous year, Tradologic had lodged applications for those patents in major European countries and all over Japan as well.

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