Ikko trader Best Binary Options Broker

The top online trading platforms don’t need to be fancy

The number of binary options trader has doubled for the first half of 2012 compared to 2011 and there’s still six months remaining. Needless to say, binary options’ popularity is increasing and the momentum is not going to stop soon. With the growing number of beginners and newcomers, the best binary options broker should cater to their needs. The straightforward functionalities and capabilities of the Ikko trader platform have definitely caught the attention of binary options trading reviewers. It comes as no surprise that Ikko trader is the number one recommendation for binary options trading rookies in almost 100% of the reviews. This is proof that when it comes to investing in binary options, the best binary options broker — in this case it’s Ikko trader – will take simplicity over fancy and trading day.

The best binary options broker provide reliable withdrawals

This is probably the criterion which binary options trading critics apply the highest level of stringency. Why? It would be easy for online trading platforms to accept money, but there are only a few brokers who can live up to their promise when traders start taking out profits. In short, the number of impostors overtakes the number of real online brokers. Compared to other online brokers, Ikko trader does not impose a minimum amount of withdrawal, although it does limit the number of free withdrawal to one per month. After, succeeding withdrawals will have an associate fee which is one of the lowest in the market. Depending on where you are located, withdrawal can be done thru different channels and can even be reversed for whatever reason a trader might have.

The icings on the binary options trading cake

As one of the pioneering, if not the first binary options trading platform in the planet, it is apparent that Ikko trader values simplicity and the basics. However, it has also evolved with the time. The highly acclaimed online trading platform has value-added services and features which have been added based on what traders need to trade effectively and efficiently given the changes in their lifestyle and improvements in technology. For instance, Ikko trader is the first online broker to have an application that can be downloaded from an iPhone or an Android smartphone. On site, , one of the world’s leading content provider, to provide the latest market news to help traders formulate their trading decisions.

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