How to Withdraw Money on AnyOption

At AnyOption, as long as the customer follows the step-by-step process and meets all the requirements, withdrawing money from the online trading platform should be stress-free.

Take out profits free of charge

The statement above needs to be qualified. AnyOption allows traders to withdraw money without commission once a month, which is actually better compared to other online trading platforms which charge commission for every single profit taking. Depending on the trader’s location, he or she can withdraw his or her profits via a credit or debit card or a wire transfer. Traders are advised to have their bank’s Swift Code hand before withdrawing the balance on their account. This is the unique code which represents each bank and used when a bank is transferring funds to another bank. Take not that while wire transfer is a channel to withdraw money, AnyOption reserves the right to impose a credit card/debit card transfer. AnyOption will require a customer to submit of one’s credit card and valid ID and after these are provided, the processing of the withdrawal request will take place three days after.

Cancelling your decision to withdraw money

The good thing about AnyOption is the option to reverse a withdrawal transaction. Within three days after submitting the authorization documents, a trader can stop the process and the amount being withdrawn will be credited immediately to his or her account. This is extremely useful in situations wherein a customer have started to take out money then he or she saw a trade worth participating in. Take note of the timeline specified. After the three-day period has lapsed after the submission of the authorization papers, the withdrawal request cannot be cancelled. One technique that can be used is for traders to regularly check the available trades, especially within the first three days succeeding their profit taking request, to check the need for a withdrawal reversal.

Scoring high on the withdrawal scale

The withdrawal process is one of the most important criteria when binary options trading watchdogs rate a site and AnyOption ranks high in this department. This is the juncture where the line is drawn separating the authentic platforms from unscrupulous scammers. AnyOption’s policy to ask for authorization documents is not implemented by all online brokers. Truth to be told, this step can prolong the process, but it is a guarantee that all withdrawal transactions are safe. In fact, having a too lose withdrawal system should be enough to raise red flags among traders.

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