Minimum Deposit on AnyOption

However, with the creation of online trading platforms such as AnyOption, even average income individuals can try their luck and make profits via binary options trading.

No upfront deposit required

One of the advantages of choosing AnyOption is that it distinguishes between joining and trading. A trader can register on the site and access all its features without trading. The minimum deposit is only needed once the customer is ready to make an actual trade. AnyOption’s required deposit is one of the lowest in the market at $100 dollars making it ideal for those who are not earning that much but want to try and make money through trading. This low required deposit is also advantageous for greenhorn traders who are not well-versed yet when it comes to the fundamental and technical tools of binary options trading. This minimum deposit, coupled with an easy to use platform, lives up to AnyOption’s promise that “anyone can trade.”

Minimum deposit, maximum returns

One hundred dollars is not a huge sum of money in the financial market arena, but at AnyOption, this amount can already go a long way. Why? Trades in this pioneering online trading site can go as low as $25 with a guaranteed return of 65% to 71% for successful trades. The benefit here is that a trader does not need to risk the entire $100. For successful trades, this $100 can easily pay for itself. Further, when trading with AnyOption, you are not exactly risking the entire investment value since there is a 15% money back for unfavourable transactions. From here, it’s really simple math: for the $100 required trading deposit and say a customer has a really bad week and loses all his trades, he gets $15 back.  On a totally opposite scenario, this $100 balance can easily become $171.

An affordable investment alternative

Depending on how much money a trader can shell out, can easily become a low-risk, but lucrative financial endeavour. High rollers report earnings reaching a couple of thousands of dollars per week. For the average Joe and Jane, they may not earn this much, but AnyOption still provides an investment alternative which will not require someone to use up all of his or her lifesavings. Compared to mutual funds or buying stocks, the capital needed for binary options trading to be a profitable is low, the risks are well defined and the yields immediate. It’s ideal for starting out professionals, traders looking to diversify their portfolio and even students who want to start investing at a young age.

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