It’s a traning platform

24option is the newest and one of the leading trading platforms that allow traders in invest in the wide range of trading assets, which include stocks, currency pairs, indices, commodities, etc. With its binary options trading practices and exclusive binary options, it has gained clients from all over the world who wants to try their luck at options trading.  This trading platform earned experience and has established reputation and financial strength of international organisations operating in different sectors of financial markets.

24option was launched in the year of 2011 by the TradoLogic, which is also one of the leading trading platforms in the world of binary options.  The Headquarter of 24option is located in London with regional offices in the different parts of Asia.  24option is a subsidiary of British Markets XP LTD since 2008. The parent company of 24option holds years of experience in the different financial markets and launched this trading site to serve profitable binary options along with training and coaching requirements for the traders.

With its first move in the market, 24option has gained lots of appreciation in the field of finance. TradoLogic main aim to introduce this trading platform is to target the French market primarily.  It is the trading platform that has a personalised department dedicated to French speaking traders.  It caters specialized French assets like CAC options that help them to fulfil the requirement of their special clients.

, it is hard to find anywhere else in the trading market. This is the reason that most of the beginners want to start from 24option only as they refrain from risking huge amount in their initial trading.  It is a complete user as well as beginner friendly website. It has a dedicated webpage containing articles, blogs, and reviews, which help new traders to understand the fundaments of financial markets.  They offer unique trading tools such as Close and Extend, which make traders able to close their option before expiry or extend the time of expiry.

It is their long-term strategy to sustain in binary trading for long time. The trading platform has a team of expert advisors who have vast experience in financial markets offering trading to novice traders. The main objective of this trading platform is to take traders to higher position in the trading markets.  It offers a series of three e-books depending on skills levels of traders.


To attract more and more binary options traders, it authorises traders to open a trading account by paying nominal fees of 200 dollar/pound/euro and start trade at the rate of 5€, which is minimum. can go maximum up to 5 000€. Allowing paying this much less amount for a binary option allows traders to be at safer side. They offer a range of assets, which comprises 11 currencies, 10 shares, 6 raw materials and 3 indications. At this platform, a trader can try to earn profit from 75 to 85 % on each of the binary option. Unfortunately, the absence of return on loss can deter few traders to invest money through 24option.  The traders will be delight to hear that this trading platform does not have a track record of charging no spread, commission or costs of treatment.


24option is a well-organised and easy to use website that facilitates traders to invest money in digital, touch, and range options. It offers unique tools unique trading tools like ‘close’ and ‘extend orders’ the allow traders to secure their profit at the right time.

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