The Minimum Deposit You Need to Start Trading on 24Option

When it comes to choosing a binary options broker, many traders take a good look at the minimum deposit requirements for that particular trader, as it determines at least how much money one needs to start trading with that broker. The minimum deposit on 24Option is certainly not the lowest in the market, but it is not the highest either; you need to pay $250 or your local equivalent to this amount to start trading with 24Option.

The minimum deposit on 24Option is actually at an average value when compared to the rest of the brokers in the binary options market. There are quite a few options for funding your deposit into your 24Option account. You can choose from Visa, MasterCard, Electronic Payment or a Wire transfer from your bank account. However, the minimum deposit amount of $250 is for Credit Cards and Electronic Transfer modes. If you want to make a Wire Transfer, the minimum deposit amount would be at least $1000 or your local equivalent to this amount. Keep in mind that the transfer must be from your own bank account, or else 24Option might have problems in crediting the amount into your 24Option account.

When to Submit the Minimum Deposit on 24Option?

You are not required to submit your initial deposit as soon as you register with 24Option; registration for their services is free. Actually, you need to fund the money only when you need it; that is, before you can start trading with 24Option you need to have the minimum deposit amount funded in your account. The minimum trading amount is $24. Depending on the amount of your trades, you may also like to know the maximum limit to the deposit amount. It is $10,000 for daily deposits and $40,000 for monthly deposits. You also have many currencies to choose from, but you need to choose the currency when you register with 24Option. You need to keep in mind that once you have funded money into your account, you cannot anymore change the currency to a different one.

How Long Does It Take to Transfer Money?

Depending on the method you choose to submit your minimum deposit on 24Option, it may take a few seconds to a few days to deposit money via Credit Card or Electronic Payment, it should be transferred instantly. However, Wire transfer does take a lot of time; five working days is the maximum limit generally, but you can expect the amount to be credited to your account within 3 days. 24Option has ; you can learn about all the available options either in the FAQ section in their website, or you can also talk to their international customer support team. Be sure to collect all the relevant information and go through the policies that you will have to abide by before you make your deposit and start trading in binary options.

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