Option Range Aims to Increase Market Share with New Assets and Trading Options

A great option for investors

Option range has been one of the top trading platforms with the help of which millions of institutional traders take their shot at binary options every day. In a bid to extend their range, the company announced their unexpected but welcome move. Over and above this excellent offer, the traders now also have access to the assets through range and touch options as well.

Bidding for more Investors

There is no doubt that Option Range has been successful in getting at the top of the ladder by providing its clients with quality platforms to choose from while trading in binary options. This decision of upgrading their offers was much anticipated considering the fact that the number of competing firms is always on a rise. This offer has been designed keeping in mind the diverse range of traders – including the beginners as well as those who have gathered enough experience in trading and are now ready to take up different ‘options’!Option Range's promise

With this new offer, Options Range is now all ready to hit the market with a total of 55 underlying assets. The members will now be able to choose from three European stocks as well as two Asian stocks. This will definitely give this website an edge over the other brokers who still have not been able to reach the desired numbers. The pay off amount stands at an attractive 75%.

Services to support the ‘options’

This is not all. Option Range has also been able to supplement their offers with software and services that assure that the investors get the best shot at trading. With this in mind, they have also introduced touch and range options thus giving the traders choices to transact. These options have been made available keeping in mind the fact that all the investors may not be able to have access to the existing trading options.

Convenience is definitely the most important deciding factor when it comes to the brokers taking a decision regarding the services they wish to provide to their clients. Hence, Option Range’s latest move to introduce the assets along with trading options.

There is more to it. The company also offers an opportunity to the traders to take their trading decisions only after they have gone through the nitty-gritty of the situation well. Not just this, for transacting in a demo environment, the investors will also get a bonus! Amazing as it may sound, this is just an innovative way to pull more customers to the company’s trading platforms.  So, now, the traders can not only hope to learn binary options trading free of cost but also get their hands on a hefty bonus amount just for using the demo platforms.

With all the new features and services that the company has planned to come up with, what’s left to be seen is whether the market will accept these changes with as much positivity as expected.