Binary Options Analysis for Thursday Trading Session


The dollar seemed bearish in the morning session, as investors showed increase interest in other currencies. The GBP/USD pair advanced and traded at an increase of 0.14% at USD1.5152. Meanwhile, the AUD/USD pair climbed up by 0.29%, at 96.60 cents. Traders continued selling the greenback in the afternoon session.

The EUR/USD pair, on the other hand, advance by 0.18% at USD1.5156. The euro also made impressive inroads into many other chief competitors in the day. The increase confidence in the currency market caused the single European currency to advance. Traders speculated a positive move, showed optimistic behavior even though the global stock markets seemed bearish.

The yen began strong even though the return or risk craving has caused a hard hit for this Japanese currency. The yen fell hardest against the dollar and its plunge against pound has been noted recently. The release of global market data on charts, which is bound to bring a huge change for the market and most news, aired the same.


The stock market started impressive for Thursday, and the ongoing downward pressure indicated that traders must not go bullish on this asset, at least in the coming days. Investors stayed away from making any big move or undertaking any big risks.

Stock market

The MSCI Asia pacific index plummeted by 1.7% to 135.57. The Topix index in Japan plunged by 3.8% and the Nikkei 225 stock here slipped by 5.2%. The S&P/ASX 200 Index in Australia lost by 0.9%, while the NZX 50 in New Zealand degraded by 0.4%. The Shanghai Composite Index in China slid by 0.35 and the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong slumped by 0.3%. Some stocks in Asia showed a huge loss on speculations of the release of key U.S. data.


Crude oil

The binary option for crude oil traded lower at the moment, plummeting by 0.73% to USD92.45. The commodity showed weak since the early morning trading on Thursday. The forecast of less spur for the economy in the U.S. hurt the crude oil binary option. Traders thus showed interest in putting their money in alternative assets.

Crude oil binary option turned out to be the biggest mover for Thursday trading session. Traders thus preferred staying away from the same, as much as possible.

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