Binary Traders are happy as jobless claims in the U.S. decrease

Stocks in the U.S

Dow Jones Industrial Average showed how companies like Caterpillar Inc. and Chevron Corp. rallied over 1.4 percent to increase their gains. Facebook Inc. also added nearly 5.6 percent as they reported that their sales topped the projections. General Motors Co. narrowed their loss in the European market as they rose nearly 3.3 percent. Prudential Financial Inc and MetLife Inc. also climbed over 4.1 percent beating their estimated figures. S&P erased their drop as they rose about 0.9 percent. Binary traders are hoping that this present market scenario continues for few months more so that they can enjoy hefty profit from their investment.

Policy of ECB and Jobs Report

Jobsless rate in U.SPolicy makers of ECB have decided that European Central Bank will lower the refinancing rate from 0.75 percent to 0.5 percent. The policy makers of ECB will watch the market movement and will try to adjust their monetary policy as per the market requirement. They will collect information from the market for the next few months. The ECB President Mr. Mario Draghi has confirmed that ECB will lend money to banks till mid 2014. Economists and analysts expect that this month’s report will show that employers have hired around 145,000 people which will far better than the earlier report which showed that the employers had hired 88,000 people. This will somewhat steady the jobless rate in the U.S.

Market Analysts

According to market analysts the current market scenario will provide good return to binary traders. The traders can now invest their money safely on various stocks, indices, commodities and currencies in order to enjoy positive ROI. Though there is always an element of risk associated with binary trading so traders are advised to invest their money carefully. Market analysts suggest that the traders should always follow the developments which are taking place in the market so that they can trade with a substantial level of success. The traders should always monitor the movement of stocks in the market in order to enjoy profit from the market.

Though there is a fiscal crisis looming over the money market, but as per the current market scenario in the U.S. the binary traders will be able to enjoy good profit margin from their investment.

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