Binary Traders are optimistic as fiscal situation in Cyprus showed signs of stabilization

U.S. Economy

The factory orders and auto sales reports are suggesting that the economy in U.S. is gaining strength and the traders are investing their money in several European stocks as the fiscal condition in Cyprus is showing some signs of stabilization. As the government released some revised reimbursement rates related to Medicare Advantage, the health insurers gained much from it. The funding cuts will much less than what the companies and analysts had feared.

European Market

Binary TradersThe current scenario of European markets has boosted confidence among investors and Binary Traders. International lenders have agreed to extend their support to Cyprus until 2018 to meet budget targets. The European markets rose strongly as U.S. trading began their operations after Easter holidays and this has sent the stocks on the higher side in both U.S. and European markets to the delight of binary traders.

Market Analysts

U.S. automakers provided as solid sales report for the month of March. Chrysler witnessed 5 percent increase in car sales while Ford and General Motors witnessed 6 percent increase. The orders which U.S. factories receive rose nearly 3 percent and this was primarily due to surge in demand for various commercial aircrafts. The stocks related to health care sector added 1.4 percent and rose the most in the S&P 500 index. The rates related to Medicare Advantage has relieved the insurers as there were early rumors about benefit cuts and increment of customer’s premium rates. Dow showed that United Health was among the biggest gainer. Aetna Inc., Cigna Corp. and Humana Inc were also among the top 15 gainers as per S&P 500 index.

The current market situation has made the Binary traders optimistic as they are hoping to generate more profit and sales. However according to market analysts, the traders shoul


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