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European Economic Crisis

Forex Traders Going Through Tough Situations

The European Economic Crisis It all started half a decade ago when global recession set in. Since then Europe has been struggling with severe economic conditions in most major Euro zone countries. The governments have been able to do little to recover from the situation and as a result the discontent among people is running [...]

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Rupee Fall

Rupee Falls Low, Some Forex Traders Look For A Gain

Rupee, the Indian currency, did not seem to struggle out of the situation the global economic crisis has dropped it in. After staging a record fall against Dollar a few months ago it showed some signs of recovery. But it has fallen again against the Dollar to reach its lowest value in the last one [...]

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Yes! Get money

A Few Tips For Safe Forex Trading

Opening of demo account Direct forex trading in real market can prove disastrous if not practiced earlier. This business requires enough skills to sail through the tumultuous market conditions. However, it can sometimes incur huge losses especially for beginners who are not deft handlers of the market situations. So in order to avoid such disappointments [...]

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Malaysia city

Forex Update: Malaysian worries – Economic crisis brewing up in South-east Asia

The Malaysian development It is a universally acknowledged fact that Malaysia that used to be a serene countryside a few years back has emerged as one of the magnificent countries in south-east Asia with respect to technological advancements and urbanization. The astonishing improvements that Malaysia has made lie largely in the sectors of infrastructural development. [...]

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Euro currency

Forex Update: Euro Climbs as Hopes Rise on Spanish and French Budget Plans

After struggling vigorously for the last few months, this rise in the value of Euro leaves the Forex market analyzers not exactly contented but relaxed to some extent. According to experts Spanish and French Governments are likely to take steps to reduce their budget deficits that will help to alleviate the region’s debt crisis. Spanish [...]

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Asian Stock Markets

The Role of Asian Stock Markets in Binary Options

the economies of the area have been growing quite rapidly, and countries like India, Japan and China are emerging as leaders in the economic and political arenas. Binary options strategies are now being created, keeping in mind how Asian markets will react to a particular situation or global upheaval. Asian companies are growing in popularity [...]

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Press releases

Ways to get it right For Trading in Forex Through News Releases

Moreover, it is also important to keep a tab on the recent updates, especially, the news releases that are published by the companies, which give a comprehensive idea about the trading situation that prevails at present. The most important advantage of trading in forex is it’s round the clock functionality which makes it easier for [...]

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Forex trade

Movers and Shakers in Forex Trade

Though this is being seen as very encouraging for some of the traders, market movements reflect a conservative reaction to so many positive changes. Of course, there are a few pitfalls as well such as the clouds over Asian economy as the political turbulence starts becoming apparent. Euro Gains This Friday Euro ended slightly higher [...]

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Start on forex

Forex Trade Insights

Known as the world’s largest virtual trading market where millions of aspirants and beneficiaries are participants, one has a lot to learn, whether it is about the new ways to trade or the best forex trading platforms that are to be used intelligently and efficiently. There is indeed a lot to explore! That’s why the [...]

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Money online

Forex Trade Gains Unpredictability

On one hand there is debt crisis which has prompted the major central banks around the world take important decisions regarding their currencies, and on the other hand there are steps taken by the financial institutions to bring back the factor of unpredictability. The result – really tough times for the traders around the world! [...]

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