Forex Traders are happy as European stocks almost touched the level of 2008

European Stocks

Experian Plc witnessed a record profit as it announced share buyback and raised dividend while Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc witnessed a loss. 0.1 percent is added by the Stoxx 600 at the close. It has gained almost 8.6 percent and experts are considering it at as a best possible start. National Bank of Greece also railed to 96.1 euro cents and it is considered as their highest price since month of February. They announced security buy back in order to strengthen their capital base. Though there are some stocks such as British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc, Eurasian Natural Resources Corp and Snam witnessed losses.

Market Experts

European stocksForex traders and other investors are also keeping a close eye on various market movements. According to market experts and financial strategists, good amount of corporate earnings and liquidity from various central banks are some of the positive forces behind this type of stock movement. According to market experts the monetary policy of Bank of England is also another major factor which has helped the stocks to close unchanged. The bank has kept the interest rate low which is around 0.5 percent. The production in U.K. industrial sectors also witnessed a growth and their output increased to nearly 0.7 percent. The Spanish Treasury successfully sold a debt of 4.57 billion Euros. The jobless claims in the U.S. also decreased nearly by 4000. All these factors have contributed towards the movement of European stocks. Government will also take control of those banks which cannot find private investors.

What Analysts Say

According to market analysts and experts the market will remain like this for few more days and the forex traders can enjoy good return from the market. There will be stocks which will show positive movement in the market and will fetch hefty return to the traders and investors. Investors and traders should always keep an eye on the daily market movement in order to avoid loss. They should follow the movement of stock prices before investing in the market so that they can enjoy good amount of profit.

There is always some amount of risk involved with this type of market and traders should wisely choose their investment options. The traders are quite optimistic that government will take some bailout measures and implement strategies in order to improve the financial condition of the investors and traders.


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