Henyep Capital Markets Ltd Expanding Product Suite To Include Binary Options Trading in the UK

Henyep launches binary options
Earlier this year, Alpari UK announced to the world that it was exiting the binary trading industry “…due to regulatory considerations.” No further details were given as to the exact nature of the regulatory considerations. For many, the announcement came as a surprise since Alpari UK only started offering binary trading in September 2013. With Alpari exit, this meant binary traders only have a limited choice of two UK based forex brokers that are offering binary options trading. Fortunately for traders, with the foray of Henyep Capital Markets Ltd in the binary trading industry in the UK, they now have a third choice.

The First FCA Regulated Broker Since Alpari’s Binary Launch

With the launching of HY Binary Options by Henyep Capital Markets Ltd, the platform is the first Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) licensed broker since Alpari’s exit to join the binary trading industry. The launching of HY Binary Options is particular significant to the binary industry since Alpari cited “regulatory considerations” as their reason for exiting the binary options market.

Henyap Capital Markets is part of the Henyap Group that is focusing on the capital markets. Established in Hong Kong more than 30 years ago, they are based in London and are regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). The group also maintain membership in several international exchanges such as the Commodities Exchange of New York (COMEX), the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange Society, the Kam Ngan Stock Exchange, the Far East Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Commodities Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange.

Binary Options Gets a New Well Established Contender

With their global product offerings in the various financial markets, the Henyap Group have managed to achieve an annual turnover of US$35 billion. They have become the trading partner of choice for many institutional as well as individual investors all over the world. The company’s latest push to venture in the binary options trading industry is part of their commitment to provide unique trading opportunities and services to satisfy a client focused demand philosophy. With their continued focus on their clients, there is no doubt that binary traders will get to hear more about HY Binary Options. It is not often that the binary options industry gets to witness such a well established financial group such as the Henyap Group venturing into a market which have yet to mature to a stage like the mainstream financial markets.

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