Binary options – ideal for short term investments

If you are an investor who does not wish to get tied down with long term investments then a binary options guide is what you need to introduce you to an incredible opportunity to earn a quick profit if you invest wisely. Investing in stocks, gold, oil, forex, and other commodities through this new method can be most exciting and profitable as well. Moreover, you can start by investing in as little as $100, until you understand the process better. Binary options is all about predicting how an asset will perform over a period of an hour, day, week, or a specific expiry time. The main thing is to speculate whether your asset price will rise or fall within the specific period. You have two choices which is a Call option, if you speculate that the price will rise, and Put option if you feel the value of your asset will fall by the time the trading agreement expires.

The profit potential for mere speculation

An increasing number of traders, new and experienced, are involved in this type of trading because of its simplicity and the potential to earn returns as high as 70 to 120% on their investment. Unlike traditional options, binary options do not have a set price. You decide the amount you wish to risk and invest. If you speculate correctly and your option expires ‘in the money’, you make a profit and receive a high payout from your broker. If the option expires ‘out of the money’ you lose your initial investment. The risk potential is determined from the beginning, which is what you invest. This makes it one of the safest types of trading. In addition, brokers offer 10% – 15% as rebate in case you lose.

Get help from a binary options guide

Binary options can be learnt in no time at all. However, a guide from your broker is the best way to help you make the maximum returns on your investment. that offer different types of online trading platforms. Many offer free practice sessions and tutorials, which is the best way to get to understand the trading process much better. Choose a broker that offers a wide range of assets and high payouts. Most importantly, make sure they have a 24 hour support line. It would be prudent to test a broker’s trading platform to determine how effective their real time response and what they offer in terms of technical analysis and trading advice.