Earn Profit by Facebook Shares on AnyOption

AnyOption broker has revealed a brand new feature of trading on its platform that allows traders to acquire profit by investing on Facebook website valuable shares. Recently, Facebook public offered Above/Below options agreement on its future value. AnyOption is offering a special tab of ‘Facebook Options’ on its website, which will let the traders to directly jump on the section of Facebook shares, from where traders can directly invest in the shares instead of wandering over on the entire site to find out the right investment option. AnyOption understands that the share value of Facebook is at its pinnacle in present time and to benefit its clients AnyOption has provided a direct tab so that the traders who want to invest in Facebook shares can easily access to the site as soon as possible and strike a profitable deal.

As of now, there are around 10 different above/below binary options is offered to predict Facebook’s future value. It is estimated from the experts that once the trading will be started on these shares then there are chances of high returns from investment, which will be ranged from 70% to 300%. Traders can choose binaries options that predict the Facebook’s value will be less than its real value. To invest money on the Facebook share, traders will have to buy the contracts to make prediction about what will be its future value. A trader must select a share and then choose how much money they want to invest.

While dealing with Facebook binary contract, AnyOption released them in units that are equal to 25 dollar each. The minimum amount that a trader can invest must be 1 unit per contract, which is equal to 25 dollar; the maximum should be 40 units, which will equal to 1000 dollar. Once the investor has decided which share he wants to invest in and how much amount then he can simply click the buy button to place the position. The trade of Facebook shares will be settled on the day of the Facebook IPO and the profit or loss will be determined when the agreement will be expired on ‘closing level.’

The closing level is the market value of the Facebook that is determined on the first day of binary options trading after the IPO. The event of the Facebook IPO will not take place by the end of 31 December 2012; the purchase made on the binary options on this asset will be cancelled if any new trade takes place after this date. The binary options will be available on this asset for purchase for 24/7 before Facebook IPO. AnyOption is one the websites that , those binary options traders who want to take benefit of authentic Facebook share can make an account in this website and invest their money to gain profitable returns at the end.