How to earn money with binary options?

Every trader enters the trading markets with the objective to earning profit. If you as a trader have not been able to earn good sum of profit in traditional trading platforms then you must give a try to binary options trading. It is a reliable and safe trading option that is easy to follow, which help earn high profit in different financial markets. As a trader, you can easily earn huge profit, even if you do not have any prior experience of trading.

Binary options allows traders to earn huge profit by making prediction related to future position of the securities or assets considered in the asset. The binary trading is becoming largely popular among new as well as experienced trader owing to its high return rates on lower investment, which is not possible to earn through traditional trading. With binary options trading platform, a trader can earn from 71% to 81% on his investment in a span of an hour or a day; however, the prediction of the trader regarding direction of asset price must be accurate, at least by 0.001 percent. There are generally three types of trades available with binary trading options .i.e. range options, touch options, and higher and lower options.

Range Options

Range digital options defines that trade where price of the assets either expires inside or outside the range. Many call range as a boundary options. Before starting that trading on binary trading platform, you must know that both are the same thing. Have look at the example of inside range options. The gold ranges from 1350 to 1310.

A trader can place his trade either inside the range or outside the range. Depending on the range of the trade lies at the end of the trading agreement determines whether investor losses or wins. A trader earns profit when both asset and the trade end inside the range. On the contrary, he will lose trade if the asset expires in inside the range and trade expires outside the range.

Touch Options

It will be good for you if you acquaint yourself with various types of touch options before initiating trade. The touch options is very popular among traders, a traders earns profit in this alternation when price touches target price and losses money when it does not.

For instance, if a trader wants to trade with EUR/USD currency pair and present value of it is 1.32. If the broker offers 1.368 as a high touch 1.259 as a low touch, now, a trader will have to see whether the trade will tough high touch or low touch when the trading expires. If the price touches either of the touch, which is opposite to trader’s prediction he will lose the money.

Higher or Lower

High/low is a popular and easy binary option. This option can be opted for different types of assets than other binary options. This trading option is ideal when . For instance, EUR/USD currency pair is about to fall down due to rising hold, then traders opt for low trading option on the currency. If the trade expires below that low then the trader earn the profit.

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