The New JetBlue Binary Options

Traders who have their eyes set on JetBlue airline company are keeping their fingers crossed that things will start to see better times, especially with more options being bet on the same.

In the past few days, there has been a lot of activity in relation with the option and this has provided reason for cheer for a lot of people. Plenty of strike, call and put options were seen flying around and it is being said that the drop that was seen recently might soon become a thing of the past.

JetBlue Gives Binary Options Brokers Hope

With binary options of the JetBlue Airways Corporation seeing almost 26 times the regular calls, there is definitely hope for the traders. In addition to that, there were about 34 times the normal puts, which were exchanged; and all this happened right before the markets closed for the weekend.JETBLUE

There was constant trading going on in the December, January and March series, but the best thing was that the open interest was constantly high at all times. Better still, a big chunk of the calls were seen closing trade at the ask price. This means that whether there was a profit or not, there was definitely no loss. And no loss is always a good sign and a reason for traders of binary options to be happy.

Future of JetBlue Binary Options

Typical binary options strategies might work for most options, but there are some that need a thinking that is slightly out of the box. This is so because the JetBlue options haven’t really been behaving like typical options. Even before the week ended, the options were showing an upward trend. There was a rise of numbers on not only the International Securities Exchange, but also on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the all-important NASDAQ.

All this flurry and action meant that the traders were super busy and most of the options were called for. In addition to that, the ratio of the call and put options was 78% of the actual range of the year. This goes to show the traders were more than enthusiastic about the call options!

What Could the Future be Like?

In the past few days, there was much happening in the United States of America, especially with the presidential elections and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. There were plenty of cancelled flights and the demand for tickets also went down due to the hurricane; but the people behind JetBlue are thinking that the days to come will be much better.

The whisper in the air is that there are a lot of traders who have stocked up on the options and are looking for the right time to trade. For those who are a part of the trading systems, this is nothing but good news and with the added time values, there is actually little to worry about.

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