iOption Shocks the Binary Options Market and Shuts Down

Ioption shutting downiOption who were known in the binary options industry as one of the most stable brokers around goes out of business overnight. There is a lot of controversy going around and whispers between industry players who are trying to establish what has actually happened here.

One thing we do know is that if you go to the website it redirects you to MarketsWorld. This is a sign that the shutters have come down on this Cypriot based broker for the last time.

Big loss for traders, affiliates and media companies

It’s rumoured that over the last few months traders that have been depositing and later trying to withdraw their funds have seen very slow withdrawal times and yet others have not received their funds in return. Some affiliates have also complained that they have not been paid out on affiliate payments owed to them.

Staff are expected to go into the office today to find out exactly what is happening to the company. It has come as a massive shock to them as they didn’t hear anything about the precarious situation of the company until the weekend. However, it might not be completely over as rumour says that another big broker might be interested in purchasing the Brand…let’s wait and see…

If you are a trader, member of staff or an affiliate that has money inside the company we wish you good luck.

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