Japanese FX Broker Hirose UK Launches Binary Options Trading Operations

Less than a week after the Henyap Group launched their UK’s binary trading platform called HY Binary Options, another forex broker, , have also decided to join the industry as well. Operating under the brand name of LION Binary Options, the proprietary binary options trading platform is regulated under the UK Gambling Commission rather than the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Hirose Financial UK Ltd is a subsidiary of a Japanese parent company called Hirose Tusyo Inc. Established in 2004, the core business of the company is the offering of spot forex trading investment services to the retail segment of the forex market.

Hirose financial launches binary options site

Lion’s Offerings

Currently, the offerings for Lion Binary Options are rather limited when compared to other binary brokers in the industry. Just four major forex pairs like the AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY are available for trading from 11.25pm (GMT) to 3.25pm (GMT) the next day. The company’s representative admitted that the trading hours are rather limited but the company do plan to expand their product offerings as well as increase the number of trading hours in the near future. As for the now, the goal by Lion Binary Options is just to attract some trading volume from their own customer base with the relatively high payouts which the platform offers (Up to 90%).

High Payouts but Limited Offering

While the high payouts offered by Lion Binary Options might be able to attract some traders to trade with them, the limited offerings and trading hours will certainly not appeal to the majority of the traders in the industry. A major challenge which lies ahead for Lion Binary Option is to educate the binary trading community that the Hirose Group is one of the largest brokerage houses in Japan with a monthly trading volume of more than USD$100 billion. Nevertheless, if Lion Binary Options manage to attract enough clients, the parent company’s bet to venture into binary trading might just pay off.

Being regulated by the UK’s Gambling Commission means Lion Binary Option will be able to avoid having their name being blacklisted under the normal financial regulatory warning notices should anything goes wrong. Then again with the business model which the parent company Hirose had perfected over the years, it is unlikely Lion Binary Option will be ever be subjected to any regulatory scrutiny. We have to remember that compared to the draconian regulatory scrutiny which Japanese companies face in Japan, the Japanese business model can be said to be almost close to perfection for the UK regulatory agencies.

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