New Binary Platform Software Providers in the Industry

Since the birth of the binary trading industry, the market has been largely dominated by three turnkey binary platform providers such as SpotOption, Tradologic and Tech Financials. The most commonly used platform is that of SpotOption which are able to provider traders with the ability to trade One Touch options or tweak their trades with OptionBuilder. The second most popular platform provider among binary brokers is Tech Financials. They were the one who introduced the 2 minutes and 5 minutes options. Tradologic come behind at a distant third as they have yet to establish a foothold in the industry.

Given the fact that all we see in the industry are just slight variations of these three types of platforms, many traders have grown a little weary of these providers. However, we can safely say that things are going to change pretty soon with the emergence of new players in the industry such as:

• Hello Binary
• Nextop Asia
• O-Systems
• Tools for Brokers Inc

New Providers

Hello Binary
These guys are based in the UK and Israel. Their solutions include platforms for both PC based trading and mobiles trading. News feeds are streamed from Bloomberg instead of from Reuters.
New providers
Nextop Asia
Nextop Asia’s trading solutions include a platform which can accommodate social trading apart from CFD/Forex trading services. An interesting feature about their trading platform is the “ladder” feature. With this feature, traders can set different strike prices for their trades. Their platforms are optimized for both desktop trading and mobile trading.
nest stop asia
Perhaps the most innovative among all the new platform providers, ’ platforms are able to provide traders with the convenience of auto trading. Traders can set the platform to automatically open a position once the required asset price is reached. Another great feature about their binary platform is the “Buy More Time” feature. With it, traders can extend their trades without having to rollover to the next expiration cycle.
0-systems binary provider
Tools For Brokers Inc
The binary platform provided by these guys is based on the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform. Their solution includes a plugin which can binary options trading onto a MT4 based platform. Traders who like to trade on a MT4 platform will be pleased with their platform.

With these four new binary platform providers, traders can expect to see more new market innovations among the brokers. With the additional competition in the playing field, brokers have no choice but to improve and innovate lest they get left behind.

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