Options Trading on the Rise in Japan

However, trading methods are a slight bit different in Japan, as compared to the Western world. For starters, trading has two time frames here – one that relates to the purchase time and the other that relates to the time of observing how the options behave. In this second time period, options can no longer be purchased.

Regulating Options Trading in Japan

The Japanese Financial Services Authority and the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission are the two governing bodies in Japan that keep an eye over all financial transactions. With the entry of binary options, the work of the FSA has not just increased, but also become a tad bit more complicated. Now, along with the SESC, the FSA will have to make sure that all traders are following the rules that the world follows. In addition to that, they will also have to ascertain that the companies which are setting up their offices in Japan are legitimate and following the proper codes of conduct.Japan Stock Market

Binary Options Brokers in Japan

While there are already quite a few players in the binary options market of Japan today, there are many more, who are looking for a way in. However, it is interesting to note almost all of them are off shore companies and not ones that are originally Japanese. These companies have opened offices in Japan, in order to legitimise their actions and trades. Some of the most important traders include Smartoption and Trade Rush.

Both these companies are one that have a global presence, and now, after having entered local Japanese markets have ensured that their services are ideal and suited for local traders. Trade Rush has even translated its website into Japanese so that local traders find it easier to understand. Saxo Bank is yet another new entrant, and is trying hard to win over the traders. However, all these big players will find themselves to be little fish swimming upstream in Japan, as of now. Each one of them will have to carve a niche in the market and then win over new clients.

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