Option Bit

  • Bonus: 50$
  • Profits: 90%
OptionBit facilitates profitable binary trading through its integrated and multi-faceted platform that provides several options making binary trading and the potential to earn money on OptionBit more conspicuous.


Good observational skills to keep acquiring Information

OptionBit has emerged as the most favorable destination for traders offering them an opportunity to earn money on OptionBit easily, reliably and conveniently earning remarkable returns. A trader who has entered the trading world recently can make the best use of the binary trading process with OptionBit. OptionBit makes use of the largest number of tools and options for making binary trading easy for its traders. Many traders have been successful in their objective to earn money on OptionBit.

OptionBit was launched in May 2010. Although being only a couple of years old, it is a highly recommended and reliable platform for binary trading. It has earned its reputation through its multiple trading options, solid withdrawal mainframe, and easy and trustworthy transaction of money. This binary platform is a 100% online platform. The trader is not required to download any software to start trading here. All he requires is a valid account and good observational skills to keep acquiring in-the-money status and remarkable returns. Here, at OptionBit, trading is possible with 37 underlying assets all across Europe, U.S.A and Asia.

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How OptionBit emerges to be the best binary trading site?

    Above all these the other effective features that have made OptionBit a forerunner are:
    • It offers a very competitive rate of return that lies between 65% and 81%. No other trader offers such competitive rates. However, on landing an out-of-money status, no money is gained back.
    • Their original trading interface can be operated in multiple languages like Turkish, Russian, Spanish, and German.
    • Godaddy SSL software takes care of the security of the trader’s account with OptionBit.
    • OptionBit also utilizes the platform provided by TradoLogic which offers trades of three types; regular trade, rage trade and touch trade.
    • Through their Extend and Close trading feature, one can choose from extending or closing their trading options as its name states.
    • One can operate a demo account to know how the trade operates and get news feeds of the stock market before commencing binary trading in live.
    • There is a glossary provided that helps the amateurs understand the trading terms or technicalities critically before venturing into this trade.
    • The money withdrawal system installed at its mainframe is efficient as well as it facilitates fast transaction into the account. It uses the live wire, and credit card money withdrawal system.
    • Registering for OptionBit requires only a photo I.D proof, address proof, a valid bank account and a little credit to start trading.

How to earn money on OptionBit most accurately and reliably?

    To earn money on OptionBit the traders are not required to pay any kind of commission or charges while buying any binary option. and there is no limit on the amount at which the favorable options can be placed. Hence, a trader’s propensity to earn money on OptionBit is unrestricted.