• Bonus: 50%
  • Profits: 85%
The known risk factor along with flexible assets and quick payouts makes binary trading option one of the most comprehensive and investor friendly trade options in the world. Today, more and more investors are getting attracted to the benefits of binary trading which involves short term expiry periods and a wide variety of assets to choose from.


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It also has to be noted that prominent broking firms like iOption are now offering substantial trade platforms for the beginners and presenting them with a pool of resources with which they can earn fantastic returns of investment. Apart from that, the traders will also get to experience the different kinds of assets such as currencies, commodities and bonds. Moreover, traders have a chance of earning up to 81% profits on every transaction that they deal in and this is relatively sounder for short term investment periods such as those ranging in minutes and hours. The facilities to earn money on iOption are diverse and include the bonuses that are offered by the broking firm. However, it is to be mentioned that these bonuses, which can tune up to a large amount of money, are completely at the discretion of the company and can be cancelled at any point of time.

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Strategies to earn money on iOption

    There are a wide variety of strategies that can be employed in binary options trading to earn bonuses and to pick up the extra incentives involved in the trading process. Since the entire process of binary trading involves the prediction of the movement of the asset in the market and not the magnitude of the difference, the processes as well as the strategies are simpler and straightforward. Being aware of the situation is very important in binary trading or otherwise, the strategy might completely fall apart. The straddle strategy is one where the trader creates a nested position by making a ‘call’ and a ‘put’ option together at the same time and marking two extreme positions. In this way, predicted losses are averted and the profit percentage is still maintained. The knock-on effect is another strategy that most experienced traders are known to use in binary options trading. Here the change in price of one asset may influence the price of another asset and therefore the trader needs to make early forecast predictions of several asset movements from a single perspective.

Risk management is the key

    To earn money on iOption, the trader has to strive to take advantage of all the services that are being provided at his/her disposal. Among these services, risk management is one such option that is a host of critical strategies that can be used in binary options trading to minimize losses and risks. After all, mitigating risk is the . Apart from that, the trader should never compromise on research and finding out the trends in the respective sector. Getting updated on financial analyst reports and market statistics reports can also prove to be a great resource for information for the traders.