Samsung Electronics Make Forex Traders Happy with Phone Sales Data

The Demand of Smartphones

The more than expected sale of phones has helped Samsung overcome the strain that resulted due to a falling demand of its televisions. A lot of people are now getting inclined towards buying Smartphones instead of computers because these phones are perfectly designed to perform almost all the tasks that have so far been executed by computers.

The Flagship Product

With the introduction of Galaxy S4, the flagship Smartphone from Samsung, the net income of the company has climbed to $6.4 billion in the last three months. Samsung is even targeting the eSamsungmerging markets for Galaxy S4 as well as for cheaper mobile sets, though it anticipates stiffer competition in 2013. It is expected that the shipment of Samsung’s smartphones would be the double of Apple’s iPhones, Samsung’s biggest competitor. However, in this week Apple has reported a decline in its profit, the first time in a decade. The first quarter shipments of smartphones from Samsung rose by a staggering 56 percent as 69.4 million units were shipped. The demand for Samsung’s smartphones is likely to grow even more in near future with the introduction of Galaxy S4.

Forex Traders are Happy

With Samsung posting better than expected sales of mobile handsets including smartphones, forex traders are happy as they can see profits. Larger sales mean larger profits to Samsung and more profits for fortex traders in turn. As a result, Samsung’s performance has worked a lot to bring back the confidence of forex traders in the market. Experts opine that Samsung would deliver even stronger earnings in the next quarters thus exceeding expectations to a large extent. Forex traders are ready to harvest the profits offered by the performance of Samsung.
Hopes are high on Samsung’s performance regarding the sales of mobile handsets and especially smartphones. However, there is always a concern regarding the global economic crisis and its effect on the sales. But, as long as Samsung continues to post good sales reports forex traders will have hope in the market.


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