The Previous Condition of the European Economy

The economy in Europe has been going through some really tough times. For the last few years there has not been any good news from the Euro zone. Some of the main economies in the region such as Italy, Greece and Spain faced an unprecedented debt crisis that halted the normal functions of the local economy. The dilapidating European economy took its toll on global stock markets as well sending everyone on a wobble. The wrath of the general public only aggravated the situation by adding a political crisis to the already deteriorating situation. However, efforts were being constantly made to pull Europe out of this crisis.

The Outcome of the Efforts

EuroIt seems that the continuous efforts to solve the economic problems in Europe have started to yield positive results. The economy in the region is slowly limping back to normalcy. The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is supposedly going to be a platform from where the positive signs would be announced soon. The possibility of the debt stricken nations exiting the Euro zone has faded away and it seems that the Euro zone is not going to fall apart, at least, not in the near future. Though the citizens in the debt stricken countries are angry over the austerity measures put in place by the government, there is no other way of getting rid of the problem.

Stand of Forex Traders

Though are optimistic about the situation and think that the worst part is already over, they are not ready to take any risk at this moment. Instead, they are willing to wait longer till the whole crisis gets resolved completely. However, there is little chance of the European economy erasing the positive signs and sinking back into the obscurity of crisis once more. This being said, forex traders have to wait for a couple more days if they have to earn profits from the European markets.

Analysts think that the developments that have been made in the last part of 2012 are likely to continue throughout 2013. The world leaders are unanimous in their belief that the darkest days of the European economy are over and from now the European markets are going to get better. However, this may lead to a sense of complacence among the authorities and can give rise to new kind of problem of the lack of initiative to ward off the crisis completely.


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