The Traders Loss is the Brokers Gain – Tradesmarter Get Institutional

All this is going to change now on TradeSmarter’s side as they  recently transferred all their B2C (Business To Consumer) business to another broker called 24Bulls. Rather than focusing on the retail end of the business, TradeSmarter have decided to be a dedicated white label provider. In other words, their main business focus will be providing trading solutions to other binary options brokers.

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Who is 24Bulls?
To cut the long story short, 24Bulls is an established Cyprus based binary options broker that is owned by TradeCharge Limited. Although not a leading name in the binary options industry, this broker is already on its way there with their top notch services and intuitive trading platform. Their trading platforms have some very interesting features that are not found elsewhere like the Risk O Meter and Social Trading.

Who are Tradesmarter?

For those who are not familiar with this broker, TradeSmarter is an Australian based financial services provider that is well known for providing an excellent no frills trading platform for newcomers to binary options trading. Another factor which made TradeSmarter popular among newcomers is the fact that this broker was one of the first brokers that undertook voluntary regulation at a time when most brokers were shying away from being regulated.

Although some traders might find TradeSmarter’s trading platform lacking in features, TradeSmarter targeted focus has never been the more experienced and professional segments of the market. Hence, it comes as no surprise that this broker has decided to introduce the concept of social trading into the Binary options arena. Social trading is not a new concept actually. It has been around for some years now since eToro decided to make this form of trading as the flagship of their forex trading platforms.

What is online Social Trading?

For those who are new to this form of trading, social trading is a way of trading where all the traders are networked in a trading forum together for trading transparency and knowledge sharing. In short, a newcomer can observe HOW a more experienced trader is trading and if he wants copy the trading movements of the more experienced trader. The main advantage of this is the fact that it helps to cut down the learning curve of newbies by letting them benefit from the experiences of others free of charge.

TradeSmarter’s Shift to B2B (Business to Business)

In conjunction with their shift to B2B, TradeSmarter also announced the introduction of their new “Social Binary Chart” as part of the new feature incorporated into their trading platform. So what does this all mean for the retail trader? Essentially, this mean retail traders will no longer be able to open a new trading accounts with TradeSmarter.

As mentioned earlier, this end of the business will now be handled by 24Bulls. TradeSmarter, on the other hand, will dedicate themselves to providing customized trading platforms for brokers who wants a new dynamic trading platform that can serve the needs of the market.

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