Tradologic Launches “Super Turbo” Binary Trading Feature

casino and binary optionsLeading online binary platform provider Tradologic recently announced the addition of a new trading feature for their trading platform. Named as “Super Turbo”, this new feature now allow traders to trade binary options with a timeframe of just 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 45 seconds. Previously, fast paced trading was only available with a time frame of 60 seconds, 120 seconds and 5 minutes. With the introduction of “Super Turbo” trading by Tradologic, this makes the platform provider the first company to come up with such a feature.

According to Tradologic, the new feature is intended to provide traders with more trading diversity. While more platform providers have opted to focus on longer timeframe so binary options can be classified as “investments” for markets such as Japan and the U.S, it seems Tradologic is more intended on moving the other way. It seems such a move is a new positioning strategy by Tradologic to make themselves more appealing to gambling sites.

Short term Trading Trends

The Super Turbo trading feature is not only the market innovation which Tradologic introduced into the market of late. Earlier this year, Tradologic launched TRADINATOR, an arcade style gaming hardware for financial based gaming products such as “Bull & Bear” and “market Rally” which is based on binary options. The launch of actually signifies a move by Tradologic from a virtual platform to more of a physical platform. And all this is happening in the backdrop of Tradologic recent acquisition of a CySEC’s financial trading license.

Regardless of Tradologic’s positioning strategy, it is expected that the launch of the Super Turbo trading feature by Tradologic will also prompt other binary platform providers to offer a similar feature due to the intense competition which players in the industry is facing. According to the CEO of Tradologic, “We are constantly creating new and innovative trading tools and features for the binary option industry that strengthen our position as a leading platform provider. Super Turbo is a great addition to the trading room of any binary option operator as it offers a lively trading and unique user experience.”

Cedar Finance Adopts Super Turbo

As for now, the only binary broker which already has Super Turbo on their platform is Cedar Finance. Unfortunately for traders wanting to test out this new feature, Cedar Finance is currently having some issues with their operating license due to a suspension order by CySEC made late last year. There is no word yet as to when the suspension will be lifted but speculation in the industry is that Cedar Finance might be giving up their CySEC license due to the hassles involved. As such, we do not recommend traders to start signing up with Cedar Finance just to test out the Super Turbo trading feature.

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